Your Full Service Amazon Agency

Your Full Service Amazon Agency

We are not just another marketing agency

We work as if we are an Amazon extension of your team

We provide full-service amazon expertise for brands of all sizes.
Whether you are a global entity or a local start-up looking to break through, we have over 25 years of combined experience to support you on your Amazon Journey. 
Offering a full range of best in class services from beginning to end account management, consultancy, training programmes, digital merchandising and content creation.
Sit back and watch your sales take flight.

The numbers say it all . . .

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Kick Start Setup

If you are thinking about getting started on amazon, look no further.  We’ll get our hands dirty doing the set-up, product set-ups and integrations… all you need to do is sit back, relax and watch your sales take flight.

Complete Account Management

Once you’re live, we can turn our attention to keeping sales steady and maintaining high performance with ongoing account management. It’s no secret that Amazon comes with many hurdles; content changes, competitor bidding, ASIN and BuyBox issues… it can be a jungle out there. Luckily, our incredible team are on-hand to check for, and tackle any issues that arise with daily monitoring of your account.

Perfect Product Pages

Your product pages are essential to capturing your customer’s interest and driving sales. Let us help optimise your online storefront with our proven product page formula. Organically boost your traffic with SEO best practices and optimise imagery for a winning combination.

Advertising Services

We have spent years tweaking and testing to find the perfect strategy to launching highly successful campaigns. Our team will launch, monitor, optimise and report on your advertising to increase your visibility on amazon and drive highly qualified traffic to your pages, ultimately increasing your ROAS and driving ACOS down.

Finance Reporting & Analytics

The key to your success on Amazon lies in the data and the details. We make sense of the numbers to drive efficiency and make meaningful changes to your campaigns that will boost performance in the long-term. Receive bespoke reporting updates from your account manager, straight to your inbox.


Flexible and bespoke consultancy packages that put your needs first. Our account managers are happy to work with your e-commerce team on a variety of projects, both short and long term. If you are looking to up-skill your team, toucan offers a range of amazon training sessions suitable for all abilities that are guaranteed to suit your business needs and get you hands-on as efficiently as possible.

We have boosted sales for . . .

Take a look at our work

A global content overhaul leads
to a 51% increase in ROAS


Toucan are experts in supporting brands on their Amazon management and strategy. The team at Toucan have helped us navigate a massive transformational project that will shape the future of e-commerce for us. Their professional hands-on approach coupled with their massive amount of expertise means I would highly recommend them for any Amazon or e-commerce related project.

Retail readiness: the power of the perfect product page


Amazon has a set of guidelines that give some guidance to sellers on the sort of imagery you should have on a product page to ensure it is ‘retail ready’. However, after years of testing different variations of imagery and combinations of videos, lifestyle and product shots we have found a specific formula that sees brands’ performance increase once implemented.

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Eve Wilson

Client Partner


Be yourself, everyone else is taken

After graduating from Leeds university, Eve moved back to her original stomping grounds in London and entered the fast-paced world of e-commerce. She has worked at multiple high-end, luxury brands including jimmy choo and condé nast – gaining a wealth of experience in merchandising and business development.

Enjoying working closely with her clients, eve made the move to work at amazon as a partner manager. Fast-forward a couple of years and multiple wild Friday after-work drinking sessions eve was ready to make the next step in her career. She joined toucan in 2019 as a client partner and has been impressing our clients ever since. Eve has taken our external training services from strength to strength and is your go-to for all things amazon.

In her spare time outside the office, Eve is most likely to be relaxing with her dog Sadie, planning her next holiday, eating and drinking at the best restaurants in London or out with her friends.

My office skill

I am the resident amazon 101 and 201 training expert

My Party Trick

after a few cocktails I become a dancing queen

Sophie O'Brien

Head of client Services


If you’re not happy with where you’re at, move. You are not a tree

Sophie originally hails from London, our wonderful capital city. With an itch to travel and try new cultures, she has moved around throughout her life – jumping between Chicago, Malaysia and California.

Her travels around the world enabled Sophie to build up an incredible 10 years of experience working on large, international FMCG brands including P&G, Unilever and Pepsico. After moving to kuala lumpur 3 years ago to establish and build a media team of her own, the ever-changing and evolving world of ecommerce drew Sophie to a career specialising in amazon. She eventually settled back down in the u.k this year to join the toucan team as our head of client services. If you are in need of management expertise, organisation tips or account management magic, Sophie is your go-to woman.

You’re most likely to find Sophie off travelling the world (she hit 50 countries this year!) Or trying some new delicious food dining out in a new trendy restaurant. A self-confessed health nut, Sophie is a certified nutrition coach and avid gym-goer and having previously ran the Paris marathon she puts us all to shame!

My office skill

I am the queen of colour coding… an organisation expert and love ticking everything off my to-do list

My Party Trick

as a certified nutrition coach I can talk about gut health for hours

Luke Bishop

Founder & COO


Fits in like a glove on a foot

Luke grew up in the quintessentially english market town of henley-on-thames. After graduating with a degree in biology, he moved back from southampton to the countryside and turned his attention to the world of digital marketing. Not one to rest on his laurels, luke began setting up his own consulting business and jumped into working for companies all over the uk.

During this time, luke quickly became an expert in web design, ppc and facebook advertising. With over 15 years of combined digital marketing experience and a passion for e-commerce, he was looking for his next move. This is when toucan e-commerce was born. Today, luke has 7 years of hands-on experience working with amazon and is your go-to guy for all things operational and logistic.

When he isn’t nose-deep in his laptop screen, you’re likely to find luke on long hikes with his crazy springer spaniels wilson and piper, or planning his next diy project. Fun fact; luke built his own house back in 2012 – pretty impressive!

My office skill

i can tune anyone and anything out when i am fully immersed in a task. I would say this is a blessing but my wife would probably say this is a curse…

My Party Trick


Jaime Smart

Client Executive


a brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well

Jamie was the first official toucan ecommerce hire back in 2019, but it took a few years for him to make the move into ecommerce. From studying personal training and sports massage, Jamie went on to be a personal trainer for five years. Despite enjoying his job, he wanted to try a new career path and chose to move into estate agency. Jamie excelled at building and managing strong relationships with his clients and he knew this was where his skills were best put to use. As toucan began to take flight, we were on the lookout for a new team member and the dynamic, fast-paced nature of the industry drew him in.

Staying true to his roots, Jamie is still as active as ever and on a sunny day you’re most likely to find him on the football pitch or a golf course somewhere. Jamie has also recently become a proud dog dad to George the cockapoo, I’m sure he will appreciate a follow on Instagram too! (@acockapoocalledgeorge)

My office skill

the office expert on all things vendor and seller central

My Party Trick

as a certified sports masseuse I can give pretty amazing massages – probably not appropriate at a work party though!

Barbara Bottomley

Client Executive


he who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life

Barbara grew up down south in sunny Bournemouth where she went on to train as a horse-riding coach and stable manager. After working as a coach and yard manager for 14 years, Barbara decided to make a career change and moved into account management and sales. Her fantastic relationship building and communication skills made this an easy transition for her and in February this year, Barbara joined the toucan client services team.

If you can’t find Barbara at the gym, putting us all to shame with her dedicated workout routine, then you’re most likely to find her out and about exploring the uk. She will either be on a horse or her impressive motorbike for something more fast-paced. Good luck trying to keep up!

My office skill

I’m great at building and maintaining great relationships with my clients

My Party Trick

I can do a pretty cool wheelie on my motorbike


James Northcott

director & CeO


If it makes you happy, it doesn’t have to make sense to others

James decided to study criminology at Southampton, being drawn in by the allure of learning about the world of witchcraft and gang mentality. After completing his degree, he embarked on a solo trip to see the world. Once returning home, James was launched into the land of e-commerce and hasn’t looked back since. He spent 9 years learning the ins and outs of amazon, how to create the perfect strategy and ultimately, what it takes to succeed. Not only was James excelling in the e-commerce space, he was also motivated by a desire to be a successful entrepreneur and has set up a fitness clothing brand and a sports supplement company in his spare time.
After realising he had a true passion for Amazon, James and Luke joined forces to create toucan e-commerce. Today James is our go-to man for all things amazon but his strength truly lies in his strategic thinking and level-headed decision making. If you can’t find James in the office, he is most likely on the way to Starbucks for his daily dose of caffeine, working out in his garage gym or sipping a tequila cocktail in the garden tiki-bar.

My office skill

maintaining a lively and productive office environment is one of my main goals every day. A happy team is a successful team!

My Party Trick

I unashamedly used to be part of the break-dancing society at university, so I suppose I’d show off my killer break-dancing skills

Claude Francis

Graphic Designer


oh snap!

Claude joined us early this year as our first ever official graphic designer with over 17 years of experience. After dabbling in music, video and graphics from an early age, Claude went on to study digital media production at university to build on these passions. He has had a very interesting career working as a housing support officer, football coach and at the royal courts of justice! Claude knew that design is where his heart belonged and so went on to work as a designer at the discovery channel before eventually moving to toucan.


You’re most likely to find Claude putting his natural creativity to work and photographing in his spare time or working on his own 3d designs. Claude loves cooking incredible food for his family and gaming with his son (let’s hope his gaming skills are as good as his design skills!)

My office skill

I’m the a+ content king – I’ll create you beautiful designs that highlight your brands usp’s and make your imagery really pop

My Party Trick

besides being able to talk for hours… I can flip my eyelids backwards!

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